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Video Game Design And Java Programming in San Diego

If you know how to code, you can get a high-paying job right now, or make valuable stuff right now. You will understand more about how the world works, and become a participating member in the digital society unfolding before us. Code is the stuff that makes computer programs work -- the list of commands that tells a word processor, a website, a video game, or an airplane navigation system what to do. That's all software is: lines of code, written by people.

At Code Pros Academy you learn faster than you ever thought possible and have fun while doing it! We teach to the individual, not to the average of a group of students. If you’re more advanced in one area but need extra help in another, we’ll support your needs accordingly.

We emphasize practical skills and conceptual understanding. We have developed a curriculum that utilizes real life applications, and problem solving, to develop the skills needed to meet the expectations of our students, and employers. 

We concentrate on the fundamentals of these programming languages.

Ruby - Build Dynamic Applications for the Web.

JavaScript - Build Lightweight Applications with Advanced User Interfaces

SQL - Database Management Programming Language

iOS - Build Dynamic Applications to run on iPads and iPhones.

HTML & CSS - Build and Design Websites

Our Advanced Classes allow students to work in any framework they choose:  Python, Swift, Objective-C, etc...